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Riverside County, CA premises liability lawyerAs parents, we all want to prioritize the safety of our children while allowing them to explore and pursue exciting activities. Imagine a sunny day in California when young soccer players are passionately engaged in a match, only to encounter sudden twists and falls due to hidden gopher holes on the field. These unanticipated hazards can easily lead to severe injuries like torn ligaments and broken bones. These injuries can be expensive to heal and may affect a budding athlete’s ability forever. According to a recent study, inadequate sports facilities and fields are the leading cause of soccer player injuries. If your child has been injured as a result of a poorly maintained soccer field, you may have a premises liability case on your hands.

Negligence of Field Maintenance

In California, those participating in sports must sign a waiver, acknowledging the risks involved. Consequently, if your child sustains an injury while playing soccer, legal action against the team or an aggressive teammate may not be feasible.

However, in cases where a personal injury results from the negligence of field maintenance, you might have a valid premises liability claim. The lack of proper maintenance and safety protocols on soccer fields significantly increases the risk of harm to young athletes, who are still growing and developing physically.


Riverside County Premises Liability AttorneySuffering a fall at any age can be devastating but if you have a family that depends on you and your slip and fall injury leads to much more than a bruise, contacting an attorney may be in your best interest. A severe fall can significantly impact your life if you suffer a brain or spinal cord injury. As a result of someone else’s negligence, you may face lost wages and medical expenses. 

Hazards that Lead to a Premises Liability Lawsuit

Slip and fall accidents occur when you suffer injury on someone else’s property such as a store or a restaurant as a result of the owner’s negligence. Often, uneven carpeting, wet floors, and exposed cables play a role in such accidents. Under California law, all properties should be safe and hazard-free.

To recover damages for a slip and fall accident, the injured person must prove that the property owner is liable for the accident. In California, along with most other states, businesses and property owners have a duty of care to keep the premises safe for everyone.

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