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temecula pedestrian accident lawyerAs increasingly dramatic rain storms in California make national news, the rainy season is clearly upon us. Most Californians welcome this time of year and, despite the potential destructiveness of the rain, hope for an end to the ongoing dry conditions the state continues to suffer from. 

However, a major drawback of rainy weather is its impact on the frequency and severity of road crashes, especially relating to pedestrian accidents. Research shows that pedestrians suffer more from accidents with vehicles during rainy weather, and that the injuries they suffer are more severe. The likelihood of a fatal pedestrian-auto accident is also higher in rainy weather. If you have been injured or a loved one’s life has been tragically lost as a pedestrian getting hit by a car, you deserve to know your rights. A civil suit that obtains compensation for your injuries and losses cannot undo the accident, but it can help you on the pathway toward recovery. 

Rain Contributes to Adverse Driving Conditions

Bad weather makes pedestrian-auto accidents more likely for a number of reasons. Visibility is reduced, especially at night, making it dangerous for pedestrians to cross the street even at designated crossings. Furthermore, drivers are often distracted in bad weather, paying closer attention to other cars, the rain on the windshield, or the many other things that distract drivers even in good weather. 

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