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What To Do When Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident in California

 Posted on February 15, 2024 in Premises Liability

Riverside, CA slip and fall lawyerSlip and fall accidents can happen in any occupation or environment and it is quite common for them to result in injuries of various degrees. Understanding what to do in the situation and how to handle what follows is crucial to determining your path toward compensation. There are a few essential steps you should take that will make it easier to file a claim. Of course, it is always wise to bring in an experienced lawyer to assist you.

Seek Medical Attention

Above all else, ensure that you are taken care of medically. Even a mild injury or one that is not immediately noticeable can become a serious problem later on. Make an appropriate and thorough assessment of your situation and consider going to the hospital for an examination. If you choose to go to the hospital, document everything from costs to the doctor’s concerns. These can both be used in a claim or lawsuit. In some slip and fall cases, there are injuries that you may not notice or cannot see, as they are more mental or emotional than physical. These injuries are just as valid as physical ones when filing a claim or lawsuit.

Make a Report

Every property owner owes a reasonable duty of care to other individuals while they are on the property. Report the incident to anyone it may concern, including building owners or managers, your employer, or anyone else who may have been responsible for the condition that led to the incident. You will want the property owner or manager to create an incident report and retain a copy of that report for yourself. The document can be used as crucial evidence in your personal injury case.

Do Not Apologize

Make sure that you do not apologize for any reason following an accident. Doing so can be seen as admitting fault for the accident occurring instead of keeping the blame on the owner and their negligence. Any apologetic statement you make can be used against you in court during a lawsuit. You may also wish to talk to the responsible party’s insurance company. Do not do this! Instead, retain a lawyer and follow their advice concerning your next steps.

Gather Evidence

Even if your injuries were initially mild enough to “walk it off,” it is crucial to document the scene. Taking photos and video of where the accident occurred, what caused the accident, and the injuries in the aftermath of your slip and fall will be vital evidence to use in your claim. Document everything from wet floors to signs indicating the wet floor (or the absence of any indicators) to any debris scattered about. You never know what could be useful.

When confronting the owner of the property, ask for any video surveillance footage of the incident. They may not be able to provide you with evidence on the spot, but your lawyer can subpoena its release at a later time. Eyewitness testimony may also be crucial to winning your claim, so do yourself a favor and gather contact information of anyone who may have seen the ordeal happen. It is important to move quickly, as there is a statute of limitations on civil actions in the state of California

Consult a Riverside County, CA Personal Injury Attorney

In slip-and-fall cases, sometimes a settlement can be reached out of court. However, if a deal cannot be struck, an experienced Temecula, CA slip and fall injury lawyer may suggest a lawsuit. In this case, contact the Maineri Law Firm to represent your interests and defend your right to damage compensation. Reach our office at 951-698-4200 for a free consultation to discuss your unique slip and fall case.

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