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Murrieta Retail Store Accident Lawyers

Murrieta Retail Store Injury Lawyers

Attorneys in Riverside County for Those Injured at Stores and Malls

When shopping for groceries, browsing for gifts, or purchasing new clothes, people typically assume that their surroundings are safe and that the experience will be harm-free. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. In settings such as retail stores and shopping centers, property owners and business operators are responsible for maintaining safe conditions. Customers, employees, and other visitors who enter the property legally should be entitled to patronize the property safely. When negligent actions or dangerous conditions result in innocent victims suffering severe injuries, numerous parties may be liable.

Maineri Law Firm represents clients and their families who have suffered harm while visiting stores, malls, and restaurants. Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys have represented clients in cases involving slips, trips, falls, falling merchandise, and faulty stairs. We are prepared to take on the responsible parties and fight for the compensation that you deserve.

Riverside County Lawyers for Retail Store Accidents

Few people consider the risks they may face while shopping at a local retail store or shopping mall. There are, however, many ways in which a person may be injured while on commercial property. Wet floors commonly lead to slip-and-fall accidents in retail settings. Patrons of commercial properties may also be harmed after tripping on something blocking a walkway. Falling merchandise, moving equipment, parking lot hazards, and negligent actions of store employees can also result in devastating injuries for visitors.

If you have been injured in a retail store or mall, it is crucial to protect your rights. Store employees, managers, and other parties may attempt to minimize their potential liability and manipulate you into limiting your options for pursuing compensation. An attorney with experience in retail store accidents can help to protect your best interests after an injury.

Representation for Oceanside Injury Victims

Maineri Law Firm has spent several years representing people injured by dangerous conditions in retail stores and shopping malls. Often, we have seen commercial property owners and their insurance companies put in significant effort to minimize their liability. In some cases, owners and their insurers may try to shift the blame to the injured party or argue that the injuries are not a result of the accident. 

We can assess your situation, review witness statements or surveillance footage, contact knowledgeable industry experts, and fight for fair compensation on your behalf. We understand the importance of protecting your rights, and we are committed to helping you get the justice you deserve. We have a successful track record when it comes to representing victims in Southern California injury claims, and our team of experienced attorneys can help you navigate through what can be a difficult process.

Temecula Commercial Premises Liability Attorneys Ready to Help You

Maineri Law Firm has a team of experienced attorneys who work with those injured due to dangerous commercial property. If you have been injured or suffered damages on someone else's property, we can help. Our attorneys will fight to protect your rights and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your losses. 

If you or a loved one have been harmed while visiting a retail store, mall, or other commercial property, contact Maineri Law Firm today. With our extensive knowledge of commercial premises liability law, we can help to hold the liable parties fully accountable for your injuries. Confidential consultations can be scheduled with one of our lawyers by calling 951-698-4200.

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